About Us

As diamonds are a girls best friend, we at designrings.co.za want to help you to findĀ  or design that special ring which will make you feel unique and special. Designrings was established to serve and satisfy your needs as a client. Providing you with the necessary information you need in order to start designing your own ring with us. Not only do we create yo master piece design of a ring, we are also involved in every stage that is undertaken to insure success. The process includes informing you on the type of jewels that can be used for certain designs, the flawless cuts we offer ,the carat , clarity and brightest colors of the jewels . These all are known as the 4Cs of diamonds or jewels.

girls'best friendWe offer you, our client the most widest variety of stylish ring designs before knowing the type of design you would like, this helps you decide on what is best by combining both our design and yours to create your personal perfect ring.

All our gold material rings are designed within our company and they carry our Designrings guarantee of gold content. We also have guarantee and offer insurance on all the rings that are designed by us.The fact that our jewels are selected by our own craftsmen ensures that we do not have to compromise the quality of our jewels, thus offering them to you at affordable prices.

How do we keep up with the latest ring design trends?

We are always updated with the latest trends in rings, we make sure of this by allowing some of our craftsmen to go overseas and anywhere else where rings are noted as fashion and gather up information and ring designs.

As professionals in the ring design industry, we only strive to come up with a ring that is as close as posssible if not exactly how you want your design ring to be. Designrings aims to provide you, the client with the lowest priced and affordable rings possible to suit your requirements.

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